Anti Social Behaviour

The CFA and Crawley Council will not tolerate any form of anti social behaviour or racism, if at any point the actions of any group or individual are aggressive, intimidating or are a destructive activity that damages or destroys another person's quality of life, please notify the Community Wardens on 07884492324, the Police on 0845 60 70 999 (non emergency) or the Police on 999 in an emergency situation

Here are some examples of behaviour that will not be tolerated (this is only some examples and not a full list)

  • racial abuse
  • bullying
  • illegal drug use
  • fighting
  • throwing of bottles, or other items likely to cause injury
  • use of BB guns or similar
  • destruction of property
  • abusive remarks
  • littering
  • graffiti

For more details please see the Anti Social Behaviour page on the Crawley Council Website

It's YOUR skatepark, LOOK after it !!!

The CFA and Crawley Council treat all incidents of anti social behaviour very seriously and will ensure that every possible action is taken to ensure that the skatepark is a place that people can visit without the worry of anti social behavoiour.