Coaching Jam 2009

This year saw the Crawley Freestyle Association’s Junior Coaching programme become a huge success. Numbers of young skate and BMX enthusiasts increased to record highs and so the CFA decided this was something to celebrate! Sunday 27th September 2009 saw the CFA’s first ever end of season Coaching Jam take place, between 10am and 12pm.

The jam began with over 30 skate and BMX participants excited to give it there all in front of a huge crowd at Southgate Playing Fields award winning Skatepark. The young people were given half an hour of coaching and support before the 4 man, 4 minute heats began.

The format of the heats was to have a group of Skaters followed by a group of BMXers, to keep building tension and excitement. After they completed their runs, the young people were treated to a free healthy fruit drink from our friends at Suso, a big thanks to those guys! The second round of heats took place with a twist. There were over 10 participants in each, which made for a real crowd pleaser!

The event was a massive success, with all the kids smiling from the fun they had had that morning! One skater said “thanks CFA, without the lessons, I couldn’t have done anything I did today. It was the best day of my life!” Another said “It was a great day. Thanks to the CFA for organising it. The drinks were very nice too.”

Everyone that participated was awarded a small gift from Vans, and stickers from Death skateboards. Top three won prizes from Shiner Distribution and Sibot BMX Supplies.

Final results were as follows:

BMX Jam: Skate Jam:

1st Aaron Cawtheray
2nd Tom Garvin
3rd Molly Carpenter

1st James Hibbert
2nd Donny Johnson
3rd Freddy Sole

Click Here for the gallery of pictures from the day

Lastly, thanks to everyone that took part, thank you to all of the CFA volunteers and coaches that supported the event, thanks to our sponsors Suso, Vans, Shiner, Sibot and Death, and finally thanks to all the parents and friends that cheered from the sidelines!