Summer Comp 09

Crawley Skate Jam 2009

CFA Summer BMX CompThe annual Crawley Summer Skate Jam took place on Saturday 15th August 2009. Apart from a slight breeze, the weather was all good, definitely better than we had last year! CFA crew members started to arrive throughout the morning, offering their support with setting up duties. After the stage had been erected, the tuck shop fully stocked and banners hung, it was time to watch the skaters flood in!

The park filled in no time, with over 150 skaters getting in their lines before the big comp. A noticeable amount of out-of-towners had come down to West Sussex’s prime skatepark to compete for prizes from ‘Matix’, ‘Chocolate’, ‘DVS’ and ‘Rockstar Energy Drink’.

On time and eager to start, the 15 and Under event began at 2.15pm, with over 25 participants. Heats were a close call, as the standard of this year’s event was incredibly high. Judges found it difficult to call, but in the end it was an all Brighton final consisting of Oli Chapman, Jack Stinton and George Terry. These 3 skaters were busting out for the victory, Oli showing the crowd what going big really meant, Jack keeping it smooth and consistent throughout and George using the whole park with styles for miles. In the end, only one boy could win and that boy was to be George Terry, with Jack Stinton in 2nd and Oli Chapman in 3rd. Hats off to all of you lads!

15 and Under

After the 15 and under comp, the stage was graced by the band of the day, Horsham locals, ‘Mr Fynn’. It was a great set, including covers of Skunk Anansie and Kings of Leon but also the bands own tracks! Skateboarders were enjoying rolling to live music and the atmosphere was becoming really hyped for the 16 and over category that would follow.

Heats were organised, Judges were in position and Trev was back flowing on the mic. It was time to begin the next event, which saw 6 heats of Sussex skaters battle it out. After taking notes from the earlier comp, it was clear to see that everybody really made an effort to use the whole park, with people diving in and out of the bowl, cruising over jump box and getting street on the street! The judges whittled it down to 2 semis of 3 skaters, which resulted in a final between local Phil Batchelor, and South coasters Leon Barakachian and Jake Snelling. The judges really had their work cut out with this one! Everybody seemed to have their consistent feet on; Phil worked the street section with flips and grinds and finished with a cheeky f/s flip on the quarter. Leon was everywhere; rock fakie on the cradle was rad, as well as proving he could stick it on street with a butterz f/s shove-it over the driveway. Leon and Phil were given joint second place as judges felt their efforts were too close to split! So, the winner was…Jake Snelling. Jake skated like he rode Crawley everyday. He floated massive judos and madonnas over the jump box, worked the bowl with airs, b/s bonlesses and grinds and also had time to 5050 the handrail on the street course. Well done Jake, come back to Crawley more!

Over 16's

Finally it was the turn of the sponsored Skateboarders, to give the crowd a show and land some sick stunts. It was great to see that Ben Powell, Sidewalk editor (the UK’s major Skateboarding magazine), coming down to film and also bringing Pro skater Mikey Wright along for the ride! Mikes trademark magic skateboarding skills were a pleasure to watch, with 270 boardslides and front blunts, Mike was killing it. Local legend Matt (Harry Potter) Hill was in attendance and was shredding the park to the highest standard. Another local; Lucy Adams made it into the final with the 2 above guys, using every bit of the park, with a consistent run. These 3 were looking tired as final runs got underway. Lucy started with an tweaked grab over the Jump box and started to make her way around the course, unfortunately not as consistently as in the heats. Potter was up next, giving it his all with his massive pop and ledge tricks. Mikey Wright was last but not least and wowed the crowd with some power rail stunts and blunts! The judges decided they couldn’t call it and it the audience that they handed out the responsibility to. Potter came out on top of the crowd-o-meter, leaving Lucy in 2nd and Mike in 3rd.

Sponsored Winners - 1st - Matt "Harry Potter" Hill

All in all the day was tremendously successful and thanks goes out to everyone who attended the event. Big thanks to the sponsors; Revival distribution for putting up the prizes, also to CFA volunteers in the tuck shop, who organised the PA, who did registrations, who sorted the money, who picked up litter, who swept the leaves, who took photos and filmed…and did just about everything else. Thanks to Trev who MC’ed, Judges who judged and the band ‘Mr Fynn’ for playing a wicked set!

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16th August 2009
Crawley BMX Comp 2009

Crawley’s annual BMX jam took place on Sunday 16th August 2009. CFA crew were looking quite tired after the previous days skate jam but none the less got ready for the action. Ballyhoo skate/bmx store arrived and began to set up their pop up store, along with Rockstar energy drink and the BMXers started to show up.

The first comp of the day was the 15 and under section and with over 15 riders, it was set to be a good jam. Locals Malick, Aaron, Patrick, Corey and Luke all flowed around the course, enjoying having it to themselves during the heats. There were some other noticeable entrants including Jacob Towers and Ben Thrower who made into the final alongside Malick Cham. The final was a treat; Malick showed us some huge 360’s and a first time 180 from the bowl to the street course, Jacob was going big, with no hander landers, working the bowl and grinding the rails. Malick came in 3rd and Jacob came in 2nd, but it was Ben who impressed the judges and crowd most with his flares, whips and variety of no footers and no handers. Nice one Ben!

U16 Winners

During the next practise session, the bands got involved, playing were; ‘A day after tomorrow’, ‘Good morning good night’, ‘Before you were famous’ and ‘Zero killed’ hyping up the crowd with some covers and original tunes. Refreshments were sought after by means of Rockstar energy drink and CFA tuck and everyone was eagerly awaiting the 16 and over jam.

There were 4 heats of riders in the next section, a handful of locals, mixed with some from out of town and one who first time it was to Crawley Park. Locals Lang, Savage and Nathan all battled it out in the first heat, and the standard of riding was incredibly high throughout. The judges managed to whittle the competitors down to a final of 6 riders of 2 heats. Stew Gush came in a respectful 3rd place with nice turn downs in the bowl and stylish airs. Poster boy Lang held his game, with decades, 540s and an attempted 720 which resulted in him coming in 2nd place. Ben Cobley was the main man. His effortless style, mixed with whips of many variations, even a backflip whip (well that’s what it looked liked to me!) earned him his 1st place victory!

Over 16 Winners

The last comp of the day was the anticipated sponsored riders’ category. With £175 Prizes purse to be split amongst the winners, the competition was strong! 9 riders went in for the event, so there were 3 even heats. 2 locals made it into the final, Warren Daniel and Joss Fenn, with Waffle (?) bringing the number up to 3. Waffle ‘s moves earned him a lovely little £25, stoked. It was a tough decision but Warren was given 2nd place and £50 for his destruction of the jump box, big quarter and street course. Joss deservedly won the £100! He owned the street course, 360 down a 6 foot drop?! Big transfers, but yet technical skills; 180s in and out of grinds, over 5050s too many too list. Nice one Joss the boss!


So all that’s left to say is big thanks again! Thanks to CFA members, coaches and volunteers. Thank you to sponsors Sibot BMX, Rockstar energy Drink, Ballyhoo and King Apparel. Thank you to everyone who came down to spectate and to enter, see you again next year.
All Winners

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