Easter Jam 2010

CFA Easter JamOn Sunday 11th April the CFA held its annual Easter Jam at Southgate playing Fields’ Crawley Skatepark. Usually disrupted due to the weather, the team were eagerly awaiting the first sunny Easter Jam! Sunny it was and although a bit breezy, hundreds of Skateboarders and BMXers still descended upon the Skatepark for the event. CLICK HERE FOR THE GALLERY

After registrations took place, the series of Jams got underway beginning with Skate 15 and Under on the corner hip. 15 minutes flew by and a whole host of flip tricks were laid down, with noticeable stunts including ollie on to curved ledge flip off, a couple of bolts tre flips, a smooth nollie heelflip and also a bigspin flip. Crème Eggs and prizes from Tech Deck and Vans were given out and the first jam set the high standard for the rest of the day. Over 16’s skate hip was difficult to judge but best trick prizes were given for nollie front foot flip from Stevie, nollie bigspin heel from Rupert and a rad nollie hardflip from someone rad!

The first BMX Jam of the day took place on the Jump Box and the local youngsters proceeded to execute daring aerial stunts and boost round some shocking spins. Callum pulled a nice 360 look back, Pat and Aaron went high and rolled away smoothly but Malick secured his best trick prize with difficult 720. Well done boy!
The 16 and over Jump box jam went off with everyone going big on their tricks. Andy showed us some style with those tweaked airs and local hero Warren won some Sibot prizes for a 360 no hander and a sick old skool to bar spin!

Trev Wedd was on form on the mic to announce that the next Skate comp would take place in the bowl. Long haired Death skater Matt D turned up and pulled some cartwheels over the spine which Trev said managed to win him a free haircut in the local Barbers! Matt’s friend Adam ripped in the bowl with a fast tailslide round the deep curve and Stevie from Brighton linked difficult tricks in lines to blow your minds. The kids shouldn’t be forgotten as they showed that the young bowl riders are on the up. Best tricks went to Lee and Harry for spine and other gap transfers and prizes included a Nutcase Helmets, Rockstar t-shirt and drinks and Vans hoodies and Shoes.

The next BMX comp was due to take place on the curved quarter to ledge, however after some consultation with riders on the day, Joss informed the crowd that the Jam would be on the steep hip next to the Jump Box. The 15 and under lot again set the bar with Callum and Malick really dominating the competition. Callum was egged on to get his 270 fakie and won an Egg for doing so! Pat and Scott Sibot also boosted some airs on the quarter by the hip and were awarded chocolate for their efforts! The bar was then raised by the older crew, Nathan getting in the action with a tricky double bar spin from the quarter to the bank. Warren generally just killed it with a bunch of spin variations and won a Da Kine Hoody for his skills.

The final skate comp of the day was the highly anticipated rail/hubba comp. the skaters had been sessioning the rails all day and were ready to let the bangers out of the bag. The 15 and unders favoured the top of the hubba and the flat bar and best tricks went to 50-50 Shuv it out and 50-50 fs 180 out as well as crook along the rail. The older crew got gnarly on the down rail as well as tech on the hubba. A lot of tricks went down, but winners of prizes were Adam Keys for a solid textbook hardflip 50-50 and a FS feeble down the rail, Louis Antoine for Nollie Crooks and FS Bluntslide, local legend Harry Potter for Backlip and Back Noseblunt and also Rupert Antoine for flip back nosegrind down the hubba to seal the deal. Prizes again from Vans and Da kine were awarded.

The last BMX comp for the 15 and Unders went on in the bowl and again Malick showed that not only could he pull off big stunts, but he could link them together in flawless runs in the bowl. The other Crawley locals showed that they all have amazing potential and that Crawley was developing quite a little scene….watch out for these guys.

The final Jam of the day was 16 and over BMX and it took place on the Sofa Ledge. Due to Joss wanting to get in the mix, MC duties were handed over to Matt from Death Skateboards which was pretty funny to say the least. Matt handed over a new set of pegs to Tim from Horsham for his bar spin up the big ledge and told him ‘you’ve won two more pegs so you now have a complete set for your bike’. Joss won a Fly DVD for his skills and Warren and Nathan won some goodies from Sibot and Smarties for their efforts!

The day had drawn to a close and skaters and riders were tired from shredding all of the different obstacles. Thank you to everyone who attended this years Easter Jam, the standard of the riding and skating had really gone up! Massive thank you also to Sibot BMX, Vans, Tech Deck and Rubicon and also Da Kine and Rockstar Energy Drink for supporting us with prizes and last but not least thank you to all of the CFA Volunteers and Coaches whom without this wouldn’t have been possible!