Mountain Boarding Trip!

The Crawley Freestyle Association in partnership with Crawley Borough Council organised its third trip away and this time travelled over to Ride The Hill Mountain Boarding Centre. The trip took place on Wednesday June 2nd and 24 daring skate and BMX enthusiasts attended.

Everybody was at K2 on time for the 9:30 ampick up by Crawley Community Transport and we eagerly anticipated what the day had in store. Nice guy driver Tony took us on a little detour over to Nutfield but we still arrived early, choosing to chill out in the sun and check out the hill!

Jem, the Centre manager had advised us the day before that the lift was broken and from the view of the hill that we had, we all knew this was gonna be a hot, hard but RADday! Staff arrived and we got kitted out in full safety equipment with our boards, bursting to go! A girl named Gabrielle took us up the nursery slope for our introduction to the basics. She coped well with our banter and knowing full well that we were all pretty skilled up, she made us climb higher to a lovely slalom course. Most got on well with the toe and heel turns and everybody loved trying to push out on the powerslide stop.

Temperatures were rising and after our lesson we headed back to the benches for a drink and bite to eat with the exception of a few ‘mad ones’ including double, rainbow rail hero Christian! This rail was seriously gnarly and Christian was the first of the group to ‘man up’ and ride it out. Check the photo evidence! Other gnarly dudes including Donny, Harry, Lee and Ashley mastered the monster – props to those guys.


The street course was heavily dominated by the group and I think most tried and landed some of the smaller rails and boxes. Other chose to ride the tracks and there was a lovely set of moguls that kept Mark occupied. A combination of the heat and dragging that heavy board up the hill all day had started to get to some and drinks provided by Suso acted as a well deserved refreshment.

CCT Driver Tony had arrived to pick us up, so we stripped of our pads and bundled back in the bus to head back to K2. Everyone had a blast of a day and we were stoked on new trick and accomplishing things we’d never thought we’d do. Thanks to Ride The Hill, Crawley Community Transport, Volunteers from the Crawley Freestyle Association, Crawley Borough Council and those that took part! See you all again soon.